Gina brings a gypsy vibe to Awen‘s Call

Adding her expertise to the 
Band of Bards, please welcome… the exceptional Gina Griffin!

Since turning pro at eighteen, Gina has worked with a diverse range of of acts, projects and styles, from XTC to the Discovery Channel; she’s played with Nigel Kennedy, the Moonflowers, Rita Lynch, Leon Hunt, The Blessing, toured with Nofit State Circus, and put in several tours of Japan. Her playing abilities span jazz, rock, folk and traditional Irish, and now she’s bringing fire to Awen’s Call with blazing fiddle licks and her unusual improvisational violin/singing style!

‘Gina plays with an effortless fluidity and rare verve that many musicians would yearn to experience,’ says Michael Sebastien, Creative Director of Awen’s Call. ‘Her playing doesn’t just touch the ear but steals right into to the soul. I’m beyond excited to see what we can accomplish together – this feels to me like an incredible moment of expansion.’

Gina can be heard on the new releases of Beltane Flame and Willow in Winter, due out very soon.