The player-manager on Awen‘s team

Our new manager, Steve E. Nortrop, has taken a front-facing role as the first point of contact for bookings and promotion of Awen’s Call. He’ll be actively involved in the creative development of our bardic band – and the cultivation of our bardic brand!

Steve’s background is rooted in theatre and stage management, with extensive experience touring with and managing a professional rock band throughout the eighties. Since then, he has diversified his expertise, working in travel as a tour manager and, more recently, in sales and marketing. All in all, his broad skillset aligns well with our vision for a multi-faceted bardic experience!

Steve is also a proficient photographer and possesses a diverse musical knowledge. He is not averse to joining the band on stage, readily picking up a Shamanic Drum or any other percussive instrument at hand, like a latter-day bardic Bez!

If you’d like to book Awen’s Call for your venue or event, or if you would like to discuss any recording or artistic opportunities for the band, Steve is your first point of contact.