Michael Sebastien. What a guy.

An Eco-Spiritual Podcast for a Warming World

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Join Michael Sebastien on a quest for the mystical power Druids call Awen.

The forest awaits…

After discovering a hidden grove, Michael is drawn to explore Modern Druidry and the invisible, inspiring energy they call Awen. With his ‘soul-singer‘ sister, Elizabeth Jardine, the pair explore how to access that power today.

Discover Earth-centred spirituality in these 15-minute episodes filled with insight, storytelling, music and conversation.
Start like a storybook at Episode One!

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What listeners are saying

Refreshing, tasteful, intriguing! I loved the presentation, Elizabeth’s wonderful voice and Michael’s informative, delightfully witty and tender commentary.
Chocolina, United Kingdom ★★★★★ (Apple)

What a beautiful podcast, what beautiful people. A gift of words and song for anyone out there that may have been drawn off the beaten path to hug a tree or ten…
Jennaboa, United States ★★★★★ (Apple)

Heart-warming, wonderful. The storytelling entwined with the learning, the self-expression, the magic, the songs and the sounds of nature. I adored it!
Amy, Norfolk, UK (via Instagram)

The sound effects, Michael’s voice, the descriptive dialog and the music are so pleasing to the senses! It’s all so brilliantly composed… I feel like I’m sitting around a campfire listening to an old friend.
PhunkFairy, United States ★★★★★ (Apple)

So beautiful, full of soul and heartwarming music.
Brainscarrots, Australia ★★★★★ (Apple)