Back in the studio…

Michael in the recording studio

Pete drumming in the studioOn a misty morning in February, Awen‘s Call were a-laying down percussion tracks for three new songs, Beltane Flame, Green Room and Three Ships.

Joining us was drummer Peter Stone, who has played with Michael on a number of occasions over the years.

Our studio of choice was Axe and Trap in deepest Wessex – a small, friendly setup, packed full of vintage amps and classic instruments. For this session, Pete opted for one of the house kits, a mid-1960s Olympic four-piece, substituting the snare with his own trusty 1980s Pearl. The effect? Perfect for Beltane’s thumping triplets!

Michael in the recording studioAs drum geeks might tell you, Olympic kits (made by the better-known Premier Percussion), were played early in the careers of drum luminaries from U2, Thin Lizzy, The Undertones, ELP and King Crimson. So we’re in pretty good company here…

A big Awen thanks to Ben who engineered for the session. Next up – guitars and vocals!